To transform Chattanooga through the visible, unified prayer and service work of God’s people.


Prayer, Visionary Friendships, and Service.


To see the Church in Chattanooga pray and work together for the good of our city in such a way as to become known by everyone in the metro as an essential force for good in our community, thus fulfilling Christ’s command to let our light shine before men. We believe more people will come to know Christ as a result (John 13:35 and17:23, Psalm 133:3).

To see pastors and ministry leaders have friendships that sustains them for the long haul in ministry, exchanging best practices, working out their salvations with love for one another, and partnering for the betterment of our city.


The Three C’s of Citywide Change: every citywide movement we are aware has in common these three ingredients.

Convene: they gather city leaders together for relationship.

Collate: they collect and measure the impact of all the service work for the entire church in their city and summarize the data. With this information city leaders get a better idea of what God is already doing in their city so as to better cooperate with Him in service.

Celebrate: We let our light shine on a hill for the church and everyone else to see. The result is the leadership and people of God know where and how they are collectively bringing Christ to our city, and the city learns to count on Christ through His Church to be a moral and life-giving witness to hope in every aspect of their lives.